MANI olive oil and olives: Brand relaunch

The first brand relaunch – based on a positioning worked out by modem conclusa and Greek organic food pioneer Mani Bläuel – focused on the German market. By 2016, the clear positioning conveyed by the new brand had led to double-digit annual growth and a substantially expanded position in the organic food market. In 2016, Bläuel penetrated the Austrian market, which until then had been in the hands of another company. Following this move, it was decided to create a uniform brand for all of Europe – in effect “fusing” the German brand Mani Bläuel and the Austrian brand Mani. Modem conclusa was not only involved in developing the corporate strategy and the new brand but also designed and implemented the entire communications strategy for the brand relaunch. (The following examples are taken from the relaunch in 2017.)

  • Consulting mandate:
  • Positioning and communications strategy
  • Social media, influencer relations and public relations
  • POS, media and media production