"The many years of cooperation between DAIKIN and modem conclusa have served to blur the boundaries in the everyday interactions between our organizations in a most positive sense. At the same time, the modem conclusa team has maintained an outsider’s view of the strategic issues – which is so valuable for a company. And that’s what enables them to support DAIKIN proactively and constructively with viable ideas whose high implementation rates attest to their quality. A willingness to immerse oneself in complex topics and markets is a given at modem conclusa. The team works quickly and with precision – a very impressive achievement that I’d like to emphasize. In short: modem conclusa is a PR agency that puts an end to sleepless nights."

Bernhard Schöner, Head of Marketing, DAIKIN Airconditioning Germany GmbH

"modem conclusa approaches all tasks very perceptively while at the same time leaving its mark. We experience a high degree of professionalism in how the team communicates our strengths. The agency always succeeds in striking just the right note: a timely, modern tone that conveys our values. The diverse range of fresh ideas that arise when we work together both inspires and challenges us throughout the ongoing process of content development. Our partnership with modem conclusa is marked by mutual respect as well as a shared enthusiasm for organic farming."

Michael Stienen, Managing Director, Naturland Zeichen GmbH

"For Bläuel Greek Organic Products, modem conclusa is an insightful and creative partner. It’s undoubtedly one of the most highly competent agencies serving the market for organic products. Managing partner Andrea Klepsch and her team know how to address the complexity of a family company while also accommodating individual wishes. The team members are trusted and reliable partners who demonstrated great sensitivity and professional competence for the relaunch of the MANI brand. Modem conclusa has also played a decisive role in the extraordinary success of the Mani Bläuel brand over the past six years. In terms of everyday interaction, everyone we’ve worked with has been highly professional, quick on the uptake and demonstrated outstanding interpersonal skills. Personally, I view the cooperation with modem conclusion as a real asset for my work."

Oliver Stoye, Head of Sales, MANI Deutschland

"We’ve been working with the team at modem conclusa since 2007, and we’re extremely satisfied with their professional expertise and the great cooperation. The lively exchange of ideas is always geared to positioning our brand and our company in the most positive light. The modem conclusa team is very engaged, works independently and doesn’t miss a deadline. We’re always getting topical new input from them, and we feel we’re in very competent hands. Not only is the chemistry right; a shared and enduring passion for special products also makes the partnership so pleasant. In-depth knowledge of our patented manufacturing process and and understanding – gained over many years – of the qualitative differences that characterize our seed oils are the foundation on which modem conclusa plans and implements its customized campaigns for us."

Manja Behrens, Head of Marketing, Teutoburger Ölmühle

"To successfully position Pukka on the market in Germany, it’s essential for us to work with a German agency that has high-achieving, passionate people whose approach to work is characterized by the same integrity and authenticity as our brand. And that’s exactly what we’ve found in modem conclusa – a seamless and reliable extension of our UK team. What’s more, it’s really a pleasure to work with the modem conclusa team."

Neil Fox, Marketing Director, Pukka Herbs

"The regular publications that we’ve been able to issue since we started working with modem conclusa speak for themselves. We benefit not only from modem conclusa’s good press contacts but, above all, from the tremendous cooperation the team demonstrates as it supports us and also regularly calls for our strengths and successes to be identified. In this context, modem conclusa delves deeply into our topics while also maintaining a neutral external view that has repeatedly helped us focus on what is important and communicate more concisely. And since all the team members are highly engaged and enjoy what they do, it’s really fun to work with them!"

Alexander Ehrl, cofounder and Managing Partner, plan + impuls Gesellschaft für Marktforschung und Beratung am POS mbH