At modem conclusa, we bring sustainability to life! We had already been advocating stronger environmental and social policies in the global arena for a long time when, in 2015, a memorable day dawned: the UN member states adopted the AGENDA 2030 with its 17 sustainable development goals. And now’s the time to leverage this momentum.

What can we contribute? Compelling sustainability communications. Communications designed to move people, to tell vibrant stories that address the key questions Why? How? What? while creating space for interaction and dialogue.

By partnering with us, you’ll tap into innovative ways of communicating that are meaningful and effective – and go deeper than mere public relations.

Rest assured: we take the world – and our customers’ worlds – seriously. That’s a must if we want to create powerful and engaging messages with the following communications tools:

Concept & creation

  • Analysis
  • Positioning
  • Process design
  • Media mix
  • Wording / message
  • Visuals
  • Storytelling
  • Issue management
  • Content
  • Evaluation
  • Consulting

Corporate media

  • Print & website
  • Moving image
  • Storytelling

Social media und influencer relations

  • Social media strategy development (in particular, Facebook and Instagram)
  • Editorial planning and content creation
  • Community management
  • Partnerships and competitions
  • Existing networks of influencers, in particular, in the areas of food, vegan products, sustainability, yoga, beauty
  • Research, cultivating contacts and entering into individual partnerships with influencers
  • Support for blogger events

Press work

  • Storytelling
  • Issue management
  • Editing (text and images)
  • Press dates and trips
  • Media partnerships
  • Contacts


  • Trade fair
  • Event
  • Point of sale

Strategic partnerships

  • Identification of appropriate partners for joint activities
  • Organizational framework for partnerships
  • Planning and implementation of joint activities

Internal communications

Crisis communications

  • Crisis prevention
  • Crisis communications planning (internal/external)
  • Press statements in the event of a crisis

Sustainability management

  • In cooperation with partner companies

Brand development