Then versus now? There’s no comparison! Our company founder was met with a patronizing, sometimes even pitying smile when she began teaming up with pioneering companies to champion environmentally and socially responsible business practices and lifestyles. That was back in the 1990s. Today, the organic food industry and green building design are making major strides – even though they also encounter resistance and sometimes even opposition.

For the modem conclusa team, that’s a good reason to:

  • Be proud of having helped shape the “greening” of society
  • Use communications tools in a targeted and creative way to continue fostering sustainability

The U.N.’s 2030 Agenda with its 17 goals for sustainable development informs and inspires our work at modem conclusa. Business and society are two key driving forces that can help advance us toward a future characterized by fairness and by respect for our planet’s limits.

nomen est omen

Taken from Latin, the name modem conclusa can be loosely interpreted as meaning that the type (modus) of relationship determines the intensity and effectiveness of communications, yielding outcomes and conclusions (concludere) that provide direction.


At modem conclusa, we’re guided by what we call The Culture of Relations, which is marked by


The companies that we work for and with to create value

  • Courageously follow their vision and their passion, swimming against the tide with a pioneering spirit
  • Offer future-fit products/services and live their commitment to sustainability
  • Are led by individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset and a clear set of values in which sustainability plays a key role
  • Are scoring successes with innovative design (products/services).